Onze voorwaarden

Hier vind je onze gebruiksvoorwaarden, privacybeleid en andere voorwaarden. We leggen uit hoe we je persoonlijke gegevens verzamelen en gebruiken, welke rechten je hebt en hoe je deze kunt uitoefenen. We hopen dat je een duidelijk beeld krijgt van de gegevens die we gebruiken en dat we alleen de informatie verzamelen die we nodig hebben om je een goede service te bieden.


General For the use of the comparison service and the personal finance service Alwy ('Alwy'), the current version of these Terms and Conditions shall apply. This version is valid from 2020-04-20 (see section 7 below for changes to the Terms and Conditions). To use Alwy, the User must be over 18 years old. Definitions In these Terms and Conditions, the following terms shall have the following meanings: 'User' means the natural person who, through these Terms and Conditions, establishes an Agreement with the Company for access to Alwy. 'User Data' means the data that the User uses to log into Alwy. 'Terms and Conditions' means the current version of these terms, which constitute the content of the Agreement established between the Company and the User. 'Agreement' means the current version of these Terms and Conditions, as well as any other agreements entered into between the Company and the User regarding Alwy, if applicable. 'Company' means Optimize Savings Sweden AB, organization number 559249-2192. 'App' means the mobile service, web service, or other technical means through which the Company makes available to the User from time to time and which the User chooses to use to access Alwy. Alwy means the features, services, and Materials made available to the User by the Company through the Agreement. Information means the data and information about the User that the User has registered in Alwy at any time and that the Company has obtained about the user, if applicable. This includes, but is not limited to, the User's login information and subscription information with third parties, bank transactions and transaction data, agreements, agreement periods, termination periods, consumption data, costs, fees, premiums, investments and holdings, loans, and, if applicable, other personal data. Privacy Policy means the current policy that describes and forms the basis for the Company's processing of personal data. Materials mean the Website and the App, including all content and other material and information that the User has access to through Alwy. Third-party providers means a third party that is a service provider, for example, but not limited to, electricity supplier, insurance company, bank, internet provider, data provider, etc. Website means the Company's website, www.alwy.se Account Information Service The Account Information Service offered in Alwy is activated by the User creating an account according to the instructions in the app and giving the Company access to the User's login information with relevant banks and service providers via Mobile BankID. When the User has created an account according to the instructions in the App, the User has given their explicit consent to the Company obtaining the User's transactions from relevant banks and payment service providers that the User has added to the App using the User's login information and that these banks/payment service providers disclose the information to the Company in accordance with these User Terms. The User is responsible for having the right to use the specified login information. If the User has added one or more joint payment accounts, it is the User's responsibility to obtain approval from all account holders. After the User has approved that the Company collects transactions, a request is sent to the relevant banks/payment service providers. The account information service provides the User with a summary and categorization of their transactions and accounts from the relevant banks/payment service providers. Transactions from added payment accounts may be automatically updated up to 10 times per day. Automatic updating occurs for up to 90 days, after which the User must actively give new consent for the automatic retrieval to continue. About Alwy The Company has developed Alwy for use via web or app. Alwy is available for use after these User Terms have been accepted by the subscription holder (the User) during registration. The purpose of Alwy is to manage and analyze the User's transaction data, investments, loans, agreements with Third-Party Providers, and other information about the User's personal finances, in order to present personal financial summaries, analyses, price comparisons, and offers to the User in Alwy in a simple and easily accessible way. The User also agrees that the Company, to the extent necessary, discloses the User's personal data to Third-Party Providers to enable the collection of information for the Company to deliver Alwy to the User. Use and modification of Alwy The User may not copy or use Alwy in any way other than as specified in these User Terms. To use Alwy, the User must have the necessary equipment, software, and internet capacity, which may require periodic updates. The Company may, at any time and at its sole discretion without prior notice: a) Modify, upgrade, and update Alwy, the technical requirements for Alwy, or disable and/or cease to provide Alwy or part of Alwy, and modify, update, and upgrade the App and the Website; and b) Deactivate or permanently disable the User's use of Alwy. The User may not bypass, remove, modify, or otherwise affect the technology and/or security system that the Company uses to protect Alwy. User Data The user understands that User Data is a valuable asset and that the user is responsible for controlling and keeping all information regarding User Data confidential. The company is not responsible for any damage or loss suffered by the user because of the user not handling User Data correctly. Changes to the User Terms The company has the right to decide on changes to these User Terms. Changes regarding the account information service shall be legally binding on the user from the date specified by the company, which shall never be earlier than two (2) months from the date the company sent the user a message informing them of the change in accordance with point 9 below. The company reserves the right to make other changes to the User Terms without sending prior notice to the user if these changes do not affect the user. If the user does not accept the changes to the User Terms regarding the account information service or other changes, the user has the right to terminate the Agreement before the changes take effect. If the user does not terminate the Agreement, the user is deemed to have accepted the changes. The User Terms are available in Swedish. Termination The Agreement between the user and the company is ongoing. The user may terminate the Agreement and the use of Alwy at any time. Termination by the user is done through the user settings that is found within the service. Each party may also send a notice of termination in accordance with point 9 below. If the company chooses to terminate the Agreement with the user, a notice period of 14 days applies. User's Right of Withdrawal The Distance and Off-Premises Contracts Act (2005:59) applies to the Agreement. This means that the user typically has the right to withdraw from the Agreement without stating any reason within 14 days from the conclusion of the Agreement. However, the right of withdrawal may be limited in relation to digital content. By using Alwy, the user agrees that Alwy is provided as an app/website and that there is therefore no right of withdrawal, even if the withdrawal period has not expired. However, you can terminate the Agreement at any time in accordance with point 8 above (termination). If the user withdraws from the Agreement under this provision, the company will deregister the user from Alwy and the withdrawal will not result in any claims for costs from the company. Notice of exercise of the right of withdrawal can be sent either by email to info@alwy.se or by post to the company at Medborgarplatsen 25, 118 72, Stockholm. The user can also use the standard form available for download on the Swedish Consumer Agency's website and send the completed form directly to the company's address mentioned above. Messages Communication between the User and the Company is conducted in Swedish or English. Messages from the User to the Company should be sent by email to info@alwy.se or by post to the address specified by the Company on the Website from time to time. Termination, information about contract changes (see points 7-8 above), information that the Company is required to provide to the User under applicable law, or other messages from the Company to the User are primarily sent by email to the latest email address provided by the User to the Company, or alternatively by email to the User's latest address known to the Company. Information that the Company is required to provide to the User under applicable law may also be made available to the User upon request. When the Company has sent a message by email, the User is immediately deemed to have received it, and in cases where the Company has sent a message by post, the User is deemed to have received it two (2) working days after the letter was sent. Intellectual Property Rights and License The Company, its subsidiaries and/or supplier or licensor own and hold all rights, including intellectual property rights, to the Material. The Company grants the User a non-exclusive, limited, and non-transferable right to use the Material for personal and private use through the Agreement. The Material is protected by Swedish and international copyright laws, and other applicable laws. The User may not dispose of the Material in violation of copyright laws, other applicable laws, or the Agreement. If the Company provides the User with updates or upgrades to Alwy and/or its content, such updates and upgrades shall be subject to this Agreement. Processing of Personal Data The Company processes the User's personal data in accordance with the Privacy Policy and as otherwise provided in these Terms of Use. More information about the Company's processing of personal data and the User's rights can be found in the Privacy Policy. Company's Liability The Company has liability for damages caused to the User due to a breach of the Agreement. However, the Company shall not be liable for indirect damages or other consequential damages to the User, unless the Company has acted with gross negligence. The Company's liability is further limited to damages caused by negligence on the part of the Company, and which are not related to a breach of contract or actions by the User. For example, the Company is not responsible for errors caused by the User or errors in the User's equipment or other equipment that does not belong to the Company or web platforms, software, content and services provided by third parties that can be accessed through Alwy, including content from Third Party Providers. The Company cannot guarantee the reliability of the information presented in Alwy, whether it is obtained by the Company or delivered by a third party. The company disclaims all responsibility for the User's financial decisions based on the use of Alwy, as well as for the User's decisions based on the use of services, features, or information provided by third parties, such as the company's partners and third-party providers. Force Majeure The company is not responsible for damage caused by force majeure-like conditions such as legal requirements, government decisions, lightning strikes, acts of war, strikes, lockouts, blockades, or similar circumstances, whether the company itself takes or is subject to such conflict action, which is beyond the company's control or which the company could not reasonably avoid.

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