About us

A great team of industry challengers.

Those of us who work with Alwy have many years of experience in banking & finance, data analysis, artificial intelligence, software development, and marketing.


Making it easier to take control

The idea for Alwy came up when we ourselves were comparing banks and realized how difficult it was to know if we had actually made smart choices for our finances. There are good services that can help you with parts of your finances, but there is no service that can help you with the whole picture. We created Alwy to help you with the whole picture. Because in the end, it's about having more money to do things you enjoy. Do you want to save more, maybe go on a vacation? You choose what you want, and Alwy will help you reach your goals.

Boy playing with VR technology

The idea

We missed a hub for the whole picture

Instead of using 5-6 different services for your finances, we work to create the comprehensive service. An independent service where you will improve your finances while having full control over all the parts that affect it.

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